Tooth Extractions in Mobile Alabama

Tooth Extractions in Mobile

Our doctors perform gentle tooth extractions.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

Our dentists try to repair a tooth with a filling, crown or other treatment if it’s been broken or badly damaged by decay. When there’s too much damage for the tooth to be fixed, that tooth must be removed.

Additionally, sometimes teeth have to be extracted to prevent infection from spreading, such as when an abscessed tooth fails to respond to antibiotics or if a bone graft can’t save a loose tooth.

Advanced tooth removal

Our dentists use the modern Atraumatic Extraction technique. These are gentle, low-force extractions that do not cause any damage or injury. They also preserve the bone around the tooth.

Naturally, our dentists will do whatever it takes to make sure that you remain comfortable and relaxed during your extraction procedure.

Socket preservation for implants

When a tooth is extracted, a socket is left empty. In order to reduce post-extraction bone loss, to minimize bleeding and to speed up the healing process, our dentists use the socket preservation procedure. During this procedure, which our dentists are experienced in performing, the empty socket is filled with bone grafting material. This preservation procedure is also known as ridge preservation, a socket graft or an extraction socket graft.

Making wisdom tooth removal easier on you

Tooth Extractions in Mobile

Your last set of molars will typically emerge during your late teens or early twenties. These are your wisdom teeth. If a wisdom tooth is emerging at an angle, and not straight through, that tooth is impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth can be painful since the tooth may come in unevenly or it may only partially emerge. Additionally, it can cause structural damage to your jaw and other teeth. If you are having an immediate problem with your wisdom teeth, we will try to get you in the same day.

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