High-Tech Dentistry in Mobile Alabama

We use high-tech throughout our office to make your treatment comfortable and efficient.

Contemporary care that makes dentistry more comfortable

Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group is filled with leading-edge dental technology. This advanced technology makes our dental care faster while being more accurate, comfortable and effective. You will find that our dentists are very gentle and will do whatever it takes to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Our dentists and staff do a fantastic job of relaxing patients. You will be treated by professionals who care at Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group. They will put you at ease, listen to your concerns, explain your treatment and answer your questions.

Over the last four decades Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group, has become one of the most well respected dental groups in Mobile. We are very conservative in our approach and take extra care to perform procedures as gently as possible. Over the years our dentists have transformed the feared “dental appointment” into a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Providing Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Here at Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group we take full advantage of the technological advances available in dentistry today. Our state-of-the-art dental equipment helps our dentists to diagnose and treat conditions faster and more efficiently than ever before while making your time in the chair a comfortable experience.

What this all means to you is gentle dental care that is more effective yet less painful than dentistry of the past. Below are some of the advanced dental technologies we use.

Rotary Endodontics

This is a modern way of performing root canal therapy that uses an electric handpiece to expedite the therapy, as opposed to conventional manual files. This tool helps make the process go faster and allows our dentists to perform root canal therapy with greater ease and comfort, usually in just one visit.

Fiber optic electric handpieces

We have high-speed fiber optic electric handpieces (drills), which are the quietest type of drill available. These state-of-the-art fiber optics handpieces provide sharp and precise illumination, exactly where our dentists need it. With this device they can ensure that your surgery involves no unnecessary cutting, but proceeds exactly according to plan.

Kodak CS9300 3D Dental Cone Beam

This advanced low-dose radiology technology provides our dentists with a three-dimensional, true panoramic view of your mouth, enabling them to see the full scope of your teeth and jaw. This high-speed digital image system delivers clear, optimally exposed images in seconds, while using far less radiation than conventional X-rays. We are one of the only offices in Mobile who offer the 3D Scan technology.

Telescopic surgical loupes

Using advanced telescopic loupes our dentists can enhance their vision many times their normal capability.

Ultrasonic Scalers

Ultrasonic scaling is typically more comfortable and efficient than ordinary hand scaling. Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at a frequency that removes tartar, calculus and plaque and breaks down bacteria without harming your teeth.

SNAP! Cosmetic Imaging

Our dentists use this special high-tech “smile preview” to visualize what your cosmetic makeover outcome will look like before starting any treatment. This way you’ll know beforehand what your smile will look like after all the dental work is actually done.

Kavo GENTLEray 980 diode laser

This small, portable soft tissue laser is top of the line and can be used for a wide variety of surgical, antibacterial and bleaching procedures. This extremely precise laser minimizes bleeding, swelling, postoperative pain and scaring.

Intraoral Cameras

This is a tiny digital camera that fits comfortably in your mouth. It allows our dentists to show you your smile in detail, which is enlarged on a computer monitor in either movie or still image format.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Our dentists use Zoom! to give you a bright white smile. Zoom! is fast, safe, effective and offers superior results. It is a progressive teeth whitening treatment that can be applied in our office or in the comfort of your home. You even have a choice to whiten your teeth at home while you sleep or to whiten them during short daytime sessions.

DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection

DIAGNOdent uses a precise laser scanning system to measure the fluorescence within each tooth’s structure. This lets our dentists identify where there may be cavities developing in the small spaces between, on, and around the teeth.

Sedation dentistry to help you relax

If the thought of getting dental treatment makes you very nervous, especially if you need a lot of dental work done, we can help you to relax and get the dentistry you need in comfort, even if you have experienced painful dental treatment elsewhere in the past. We do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible and our dentists have a gentle touch. We also offer nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to help you relax through your dental work. This can be helpful for long procedures or for patients who are afraid of dental treatment.

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