Teeth Whitening in Mobile Alabama

Teeth Whitening, Mobile

With Zoom! Teeth Whitening, we can give you a brighter smile in one visit.

Get a dazzling white, confident smile in just one visit

Are your teeth dull, yellow, stained or discolored? Your lifestyle and the aging process can stain and darken teeth, which can make you look older than you actually are. The answer to your problem is high-tech teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening, Mobile

Our competent dentists can whiten teeth that have yellowed due to drinking coffee, smoking tobacco or from merely age itself with the revolutionary Zoom! professional teeth whitening system. Our dentists have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening, in order to stay on top of the latest developments in cosmetic dental care.

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Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

Teeth Whitening, Mobile
  • Meet the doctor
  • Discuss the goals for your smile
  • Oral exam
  • See before and after images of cosmetic procedures
  • Learn your cosmetic treatment options
  • Get your questions answered

Call us for a complimentary consultation and find out how we can give you brighter, whiter teeth, along with all your other cosmetic dentistry options for a more beautiful smile.

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What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening, Mobile

Zoom! is the number-one tooth whitening brand requested by patients. It is time-proven to make teeth up to eight shades whiter. Over 10 million patients have already used professional-strength Zoom! to get a whiter, brighter smile. Zoom! has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, Extreme Makeover and other TV shows!

How we whiten your teeth in less than 2 hours

With Zoom! WhiteSpeed our dentists can whiten your teeth up to eight shades. WhiteSpeed is a scientifically advanced laser-activated teeth whitening gel that’s applied safely by our dentists in the comfort of our office. After about an hour, the gel is removed and you can look at your new whiter smile.

WhiteSpeed is a convenient and affordable solution for people who desire immediate results. Now with the most advanced LED whitening technology, WhiteSpeed’s results are even better than ever before.

Complimentary custom fit whitening trays

When you select Zoom! whitening you will also receive complimentary custom fit trays with tubes of Zoom! NiteWhite and Zoom! DayWhite solutions to further enhance and maintain your Zoom! whitening results!

Professional at-home Teeth Whitening options

Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group also offers Zoom! in-home teeth whitening. Our dentist will take impressions of your teeth and create a take-home whitening tray customized for your teeth. You’ll also get full instructions on how to use the whitening tubes and tray.

For in-home teeth whitening, we offer you a choice of either Zoom! NiteWhite or Zoom! DayWhite. Under our dentist’s guidance, either can deliver the results you desire. Whether you choose to whiten your teeth by using short daytime sessions or while you sleep, you can get a bright, white smile in about one or two weeks.

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