We believe that all patients with missing teeth should have access to a functional, natural-looking smile. At Maitre & Crabtree Dental, we offer the latest in natural-looking full and partial porcelain dentures. For a stable, comfortable fit that allows you to eat any type of food, we can also attach your dentures to two or more dental implants.  Our care does not stop when we deliver your dentures. We offer a wide range of denture services including complimentary adjustments during the first few weeks and denture relines at our Mobile, AL, office.

Our Dentures Philosophy

Our dentists have advanced training and decades of combined experience in creating beautiful and lifelike dentures. We use only high-quality materials and offer custom shading, shaping, fitting and alignment for a very natural look. Our attention to quality and custom-fit assures you will get a set of durable, well-fitting dentures.

During your exam, our dentist will take his time and get to know you. He’ll talk with you about your smile goals and then explain the various dental treatments that can meet those goals. The choice is always up to you.

Your Initial Consultation

During your consultation, you’ll receive several treatment options to determine which best suits your situation and budget. You can also find out if you are a candidate for implant-supported dentures. This initial appointment will generally include:

  • Meeting the doctor
  • An oral exam
  • A second opinion
  • Information about implant-supported dentures
  • Overview of your treatment options for missing teeth
  • Get any questions answered

Choose a Type Which Fits Your Lifestyle

We provide virtually unlimited options when it comes to dentures.

Full Dentures

Our traditional full dentures are made to be secure and fit well. We make sure you are happy with your dentures and that all fits well before you leave.

Immediate Dentures

There’s no reason to leave our office without teeth after a teeth extraction visit. Not when we can fit you with attractive, comfortable temporary dentures.

Relines and Repairs

Relines and repairs are sent to a top-quality lab that excels in denture work.

Partial Dentures

We offer traditional partial dentures that are held in place by metal clasps that go around existing teeth to hold the partial ones in place.

No-Metal Partial Dentures

We also offer flexible no-metal partials and ones that have a more cosmetic clasp. With our no-metal partials, no one will even notice that you are wearing partial dentures.

Precision Partial Dentures

A precision partial denture is removable and has internal attachments rather than clasps that attach to the adjacent crowns.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures fit over a ball and socket and are securely clipped into place by the attachments and are removable. Read for more details on Options For Missing Teeth.

Denture Stabilization Using Implants

Your existing loose dentures can be stabilized by placing a couple of implants on the upper and lower arches of your mouth.

Fewer 6 Implants with Teeth XPress®

Your dentures can be secured with implants without the need for a bone graft before implant placement, even if you have poor bone density levels.

Efficient Turnaround with Stunning Results

Your partial or full dentures can be ready for you with very little wait time. We use an excellent local lab that does top-quality work with a fast turnaround time for denture fabrication, relines and repair. If we are anchoring your dentures to dental implants, the implants can usually be placed the same day that you get your new, or retrofitted, dentures.

We can even do away with the artificial palate covering the roof of your mouth and the pink sides, making your dentures appear to emerge from your gums, just like natural teeth.

All adjustments and follow-up appointments are free; we are happy to adjust your dentures until you are fully satisfied with the look and fit. We’ll get you into our office on the same day for any necessary adjustments.

The Benefits of Denture Stabilization

For the ultimate in stabilization, we can anchor your dentures with dental implants. Dentures anchored with implants are extremely secure and allow you to eat just about anything you desire. Your denture is fitted with snaps that attach to two or more dental implants per arch. The greater the number of implants, the more stable the denture and the more natural-looking. We can even do away with the artificial palate covering the roof of your mouth and the pink sides, making your dentures appear to emerge from your gums, just like natural teeth.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Our practice offers a full range of denture care services, flexible financing options, and a team of knowledgeable dentists who can help you choose which dentures are right for you. If cost is a concern, we encourage you to speak with our team about our various financing options. To schedule a consultation, call (251) 344-4571 or send our team an online message to request an appointment.