Family Dentistry

Our friendly services and amenities for kids

We’ve been offering comprehensive family dentistry for young patients, ages two-and-up, for over four decades. We provide various services for kids including sealants to help prevent cavities. And we are very experienced in advanced, minimally-invasive procedures that can gently give your child a healthy, beautiful smile.

You’ll find that our dentists are good with children and are very caring. With years of experience working with kids, our dentists will make sure your child’s initial dental experiences are pleasant and pain-free. They know how to talk with kids and reassure them that everything will be okay. Their shots are virtually painless and most children don’t even realize when they’re getting one.

Child’s first visit

Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group recommends you bring your child in at around age two-and-a-half, unless you see a problem before that like black or brown spots on the teeth, or no teeth, or gum sores. Cavities can form as young as age three.

So, it’s important to do a thorough check-up and low-dose X-rays by then. This also gives us the opportunity to counsel your child on proper tooth care, including why it’s so important to brush and floss twice a day and to stay away from candy.

Preventing dental phobia from developing in kids

Children’s teeth, both permanent and baby, have special needs. Our licensed hygienists are all very good with kids, and know how to make them feel safe and comfortable. They will thoroughly, but gently, clean and polish your child’s teeth. Then they will show your child proper brushing and flossing techniques so your child can practice good oral hygiene in-between dental cleanings.

Our dentists are great with children, too. During the exam, besides searching for cavities, one of our knowledgeable dentists will check for thumb sucking related problems and the development of your child’s dental arches. They want to help ensure that your child develops the very best facial form, bite and profile possible.

If cavities are found our dentist will explain to your child exactly what needs to happen to fill the cavity, and will take care of the filling quickly and gently with minimal discomfort to your child.

A toy to take home

We’re very good at getting kids to actually want to get the dental care that they need. And, to help them remember their positive experience at the dentist, we provide a toy box in every room, and at the end of their visit, children get to choose a toy to take home with them.

Exam, X-Rays, Consultation for kids

You probably know that we offer consultations for adults, along with doing your exam and X-rays during your checkups. But did you know that we also do consults with children?

During the consult, our dentist will explain the treatment to both you and your child in simple terms. He’ll also take the time to get to know your child and explain to them how gentle their dental care will be. Our goal is to make your child look forward to their dental visits.

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