Denture Stabilization

Stabilize your dentures for comfort and full chewing ability

Good news for people who have dentures that are unstable and move around when they eat or speak. At Maitre and Crabtree Dental Group we offer our patients denture stabilization using dental implants. Our doctors are highly trained in dental implant placement and the entire procedure can be done right in our office.

You’ll love dentures retrofitted with implants!

Loose dentures are a typical issue for people wearing dentures, especially if they’ve worn them for a while. The ongoing compression of the tissues under the dentures causes loss of bone and gum tissue volume, making dentures loose.
You will probably be glad to know your existing dentures can be retrofitted using a few dental implants to stabilize them. Not only will your existing dentures become more comfortable, but you’ll also be able to speak and chew better.

How Denture Stabilization works

By placing a couple of implants with snaps on the lower and upper arches of your mouth, we can give your existing dentures added strength. This improves your ability to eat the foods you like to enjoy while preventing the denture from slipping. You won’t need to use messy adhesives to keep your dentures in place and they will be more stable and feel more natural than ever.

Your dentures can be stabilized with as little as just two implants. The more implants used, the greater your denture’s stability. Often, the only anesthetic needed for implant surgery is an injection right over the position in the gums where the implant will be placed.

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